Customer’s Tailored Smart Classification for Inbound Conversations
AI for Customer Service makes everything more convenient
Neural Classifier trained on the existing customer’s conversations from your helpdesk

Intent identification

Know Exactly Why Customer Contact You
High-growth brands cannot manage an influx of customer needs and effectively scale without eliminating manual, time-consuming work, like shifting through queues, escalating issues, or processing transactions. Speed, Quality, and Cost of answering is matter…
Classifier uses machine learning to analyze and classify inbound conversations, which can activate processes that expedite customer and support agent’s experience for more valuable engagement

Enabler for Automation

Use the Classifier for ticket classification as key enabler for your helpdesk automation
Automate Rules
Business rules and workflow engines can perform simple to complex tasks, like escalate conversations or update data based on class recognized by Classifier. Smart ticket’s workflow saves about 25% of total Support Cost (high performance, less staff, less infrastructure cost…)
Route Conversations
Specialize your agents around the reasons your customers come in contact with your team. Use their experience for dramatical cutting of ticket’s Resolution Time up to 70%
Sent Auto Response
Response to your most common questions can be automated, freeing up valuable time and energy of your staff and increase overall Team Performance up to 40%

Trained on the existing customer’s conversations from your helpdesk

Do not need to change existing categories set, their number, or naming
Just to install, train automatically on your own data and enjoy AI-driven classification
Unleash the full helpdesk power
All that do you need for correct and smart classification are in the start box now

Classifier Pro

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Customer feedback

«We are working with a huge volume of incoming conversations that should be resolved by functional teams - from marketing to finance. Five agents of 1st line support were responsible for ticket classification and routing to 120 contact reasons. It was a boring task for all. After weekends usually have a big pile of tickets waiting for routing - it was taking a whole Monday to deal with it.
But now with Classifier, 90% of tickets are classified and routed automatically, and First Response Time decreased by 70% just to 35 min. Also, 4 from 5 agents were moved to 2nd line and able to focus on the real customer not for “wasting time” job»
Andrew Volchansky
Client Service Director
Effective technology for human fewer support services. We moved 70% of 1st line support staff to other critical services without a budget increase. At the same time, we improve our CSAT up to 78% from 65% because the new automated workflow eliminate repeated calls and client’s switching from one to another operator
Anton Bauman