AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis protect your Reputation, analyze Client’s Opinions, and find Market’s Insights for growth
Use «best-in-class» Neural Deep Learning technology to identify positive, negative, or neutral mentions about goods, services, your business, or competitors

Positive/Negative/Neutral Sentiment identification for client’s conversations

Know Exactly How Customer Attitude to Your Company
Protect Your Reputation
Find negative comments and talk to their authors before they turn into a PR crisis
Improve Your Customer Service
Customers talk about products on the web and social media more often than directly to you
Find marketing insights
Learn what your customers think about your products and adjust your offer to meet their needs

Swearing, Abuse and policy Violation detection

Control both customer’s and agent’s speech for violence and potential issues for your business
The barrier for reputation risks
Brand Value is What is the Customer Think and Talk about it. So, it is easier to lose reputation than build it again. Any successful business should be worried about risk detection and proactive reaction for situation improvement. The cost of mistake is extremely high
Pro-active protection against potential legal actions
If your business is goods selling via internet or social media platform or your company provide sensitive professional service you should know that cost of resolution for any legal action is dramatically higher than the cost of the pro-active, pre-trial solution for early detected issues
Automatic control of agent’s behavior and internal policy compliance
You spend a lot of money on agents’ hiring and training, but this investment is just lost money if you cannot constantly control the attitude and behavior of your staff. Just do it automatically with Sentiment Analysis
Unleash the full helpdesk power
How it Works in real helpdesk (e-commerce)

Sentiment Analyze

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Customer feedback

«In today’s globalized economy, companies are held to higher standards regarding the human rights, social relationship, and employment practice. Failure to meet these standards may expose your company to a range of legal, reputational, and operational risks. So, careful ongoing control of customer attitude and staff behavior is a key task for our business and Sentiment Analyze app gives us the opportunity to be “keep-in-touch” with our clients and employees»
Tom Walker
Global Programs Director
It’s interesting and unusual but we are receiving from customer’s comments more ideas for future development than from marketing agencies and consultants. Feedback on products, emotional comments processed by Sentiment app - all of these are the source for insights and inspiration for me and my team. A good tool for creative people
Mark Coleman
Marketing Director