Implementation, Training, and Support Services

We will work with you to implement a solution that delivers results

How do we work on your task?

We try to do it easy and faster with exciting results because we respect customer’s time and money
We use only solutions proved by real customer’s experience with 20 applications, in 1100+ projects, across the 21 countries
We bring to the project our 10 years experience in data processing, machine learning, business processes automation and quality management
We ensure the best TCO and ROI in your project for the industry

What are we doing during the implementation project?

Solution implementation and staff training planning together with your team

Hands-on and start-up meetings with customer team

Training the admin staff (should be ready to participate in next phase)

Setting up Zendesk servicers to fulfill requirements

Key templates, rules, routines, and macros development according to a solution designed

Training the core user team

3rd party applications installation and integration with Zendesk services

Gateways/connectors installation and connection with internal and external business systems

Consulting customer development team on Zendesk app development

Handover webinar
Alex Yeltsoff
Project Office Director
«…From the beginning our company was distinguished by its attention to detail, for example to the choice of IT platform for business. Company founders decided that their business would be based on the best IT technologies and modern approaches to client relationship management. So, after consulting project which was done by the OAPPS team, we decided to go forward with an omnichannel solution proposed with the same joint team includes analytics and engineers from both companies. The main success metric was Time to service launch – all about time…

Concerning business sensitivity to the quality of interaction client-company and the speed of their problem solving, we chose a scalable platform Zendesk Enterprise including Help Desk Support system, Intelligent knowledge base Guide for Knowledge Centers and Omnichannel Access solution connected to social platforms and messengers (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram).

The time schedule of the implementation project was impressive. In only 10 days the process of social media request’s handling began its work and live chat via (Zendesk Chat) started. Due to a developed SDK and API, the project team managed to execute deep end-to-end integration of chat-service (with its chatbot inside) with social media interfaces and a knowledge base Zendesk Guide. Launch of Guide knowledge base allowed to relieve the agents of standard routine questions and create an effective system of self-assistance for the client, and now the clients have 154000 views of articles a month in the Guide knowledge base, with 80000 of them in the mobile application.
Less than a month after the project launch the company started processing clients’ requests using universal business logic, routing, and execution control system, including BI analytics… Time is really matters, so once again many thanks to the OAPPS team for this race!»