It is good lack if you can create the business in the same way as a puzzle from different experiences, knowledge, characters, and attitudes…
We did it once and continue to do it every day…
Oleg Tkachev
Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, faculty Aircraft Engineering in 2005.
Company founder.
10 years of success in corporate business, including consulting and outsourcing projects in banking, retail, telco, and governmental institutions.
6 years of experience in startups, own business development including strong finance and operational management
Anton Mintsev
Marketing & Consulting Director
Graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics in 2003. Postgraduate at the Institute of Solid-State Physics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics.
Worked at the University of California, Berkeley, San Diego (USA) on Nonlinear Photoluminescence Kinetics of Indirect Excitons in Coupled Quantum Wells.
17 years experience in business consulting, complex systems modeling, optimization of production and business processes
Sergey Tkachev
Strategic Development
Graduated from Kharkov Aviation Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky, faculty of Software and ACS engineering in 1997, Open University (GB) MBA in 2009.
More than 18 years of experience in international corporate business including 3 years as CEO of Xerox consulting business and 5 years as COO in Xerox CIS and Eastern Europe.
Focused on strategic development in a multicultural environment, international markets, and company operations
Mikhail Revzin
Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, faculty of Radio electronics, communications, and cybersecurity in 1999.
More than 19 years of successful projects in IT and internet technologies, software development, design, and implementation of different complex systems for the corporates