Do you know your customers post reviews on your Facebook pages?
Facebook Reviewer creates a ticket for every review, so you will not miss it and will be able to reply from within Zendesk

Key features

Never miss another page review

Connect multiple Facebook pages
Reply to reviews from within Zendesk

Tag tickets for each review
Unleash the full helpdesk power - use macros, triggers, and ticket assignments the same way you used to work with e-mails
To be in touch with active Facebook users and convert these relationships into sales and profit growth

Facebook Reviews

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Customer feedback

«Facebook is the impressive tool to find new clients, share personal experience and then keep good relationships with them,” Jesse said. “We use Facebook Reviews for helpdesk integration with our Facebook page so our managers can work with customer reviews directly in Zendesk Support»
Jesse Stevenson
«Sure, you know how it may be difficult to check updates or new comments every minute on the Facebook page...We sell the clothes made by hand, so every review is matters… Facebook Reviews do the human job faster, cheaper and without time waste…»
Anna Scholtz