Make available all your data from Zendesk Support for your own use
Export your tickets data with first and last comment

Key features

It allows you to export ticket data to CSV or XLS files

Export all tickets in a date range or filter the list by tags or custom fields
The file includes the following fields:
Ticket data (Date, Subject, Description)
Requester Info (name, email, phone)
First and Latest agent's Comments
Last Client comment
Satisfaction rating
Custom fields
Make available all your data from Zendesk Support for smart analysis
Usually, helpdesk systems are not open for data usage by external applications, so you need Advanced Export for data unload. Then you can use AI-powered analytical software and services for marketing or quality analysis
Backup sensitive data as company policy required
Cloud services like Zendesk or Salesforce have high level of fault tolerance and reliability but sometimes you need to backup and keep sensitive customer information for internal policy compliance
Migrate to the new helpdesk without lost history and customer data
All comments, including private, can be sent to external email, but agents can decide to forward only chosen comments with an exact amount of data required to resolve the issue
Unleash the full helpdesk power
How it Works in real helpdesk (e-commerce)

Advanced Export

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*Price per account

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Customer feedback

«Our marketing team uses an advanced analytical platform for product’s issues detection and some market’s insights generation. But AI-powered algorithms require huge up-to-day datasets as you know… so Advanced Export is No.1 application in the AI processing chain for us…»
Alex Ward
Senior Data Analyst