Use the Linker to streamline escalation flow using linked tickets
Easy to create hierarchical child tickets for multi-subjecting client’s request and link it to original one

Key features

Escalate complex issue faster with child tickets created in one click

Create and configure child templates for every situation
Use templates for speed up ticket creation
Have you processed sometime the long client call with multi-subjecting requests to support and some product questions during the one conversation? Did you or your agent clear understand the ideas, questions, and claims of this particular call? How to resolve it because there are some very different questions in one ticket in standard routine?

With Linker, this is not a problem at all now. Just create several child tickets targeted to separate issues with appropriate templates in one click and continue to work with created tickets as with separate requests but linked to one original call
How it Works in real helpdesk (e-commerce)

Linker app

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Customer feedback

«We are a travel agency so usually our clients call and write to us with complex issues. Usually, they want to select the best hotel for the family, use bonuses and gift vouchers for payment, and resolve issues with payment details in their personal cabinet at the same time. During the hot season, hotel booking is a very competitive process so we should separate this kind of request from others first… And Linker is doing this job very well. One look into the origin ticket, one click – and our agents immediately work out on several separate client’s issues simultaneously. We save client’s time, give them the best solution and make our business more efficiently with OAPPS Linker application in Zendesk»

Ian Campbell
Sales Director