Your agents can choose which email is better to use with every ticket comment
Automatically select reply-to email

Key features

A drop-down list of all emails in the ticket sidebar

Set email for a new ticket, based on the agent default group

Easy configuration within the app
Auto-select proper email for the current ticket group

Attachment support for outgoing e-mails and replies
Have you configured many support emails in Zendesk, e.g., separate emails for B2C, B2B, Partners, Finance for each brand? With this app, your agents can choose which email is better to use with every ticket comment. Furthermore, admins can set up rules that automatically map groups to support emails. E.g., your finance will always reply via finance@yourbrand email, and your support team will initiate tickets via support@yourbrand
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Customer feedback

«I love tools that close the gap in business software functionality or usability. “Reply-to” is the best example... Easy to install, easy to use, maximum value-for-money… We have up to 14 contact email addresses (different divisions in the company) so flexible management of “reply to” addresses by centralized helpdesk service is the key for performance and client’s satisfaction»

Tomas Fischer
IT Manager