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We will design a solution around your unique business and customer service goals

How do we work on your task?

We try to do it easy and faster with exciting results because we respect customer’s time and money
We use only solutions proved by real customer’s experience with 20 applications, in 1100+ projects, across the 21 countries
We bring to the project our 10 years experience in data processing, machine learning, business processes automation, and quality management
We ensure the best TCO and ROI in your project for the industry

What are we doing during the consulting project?

Gathering business and technical requirements

Customer Support and Social Media Presence Strategy development

Bottlenecks and performance issues detection with follow-up analysis

Solution’s architecture development includes Zendesk environment, 3d party applications, and gateways/connectors to external systems

Appropriate Zendesk package selection (tailored to the customer needs)

Consulting customer team on embedding Zendesk to the internal and external business sub-systems

Consulting customer development team on Zendesk app development and integration with the internal and external business sub-systems
Agatha Morris
Sales manager La Playa Store
«I believe that every business should set ambitious goals for rapid growth and global expansion. Our company set itself the goal of entering the markets for the sale of beauty products in 15 countries in the first year and more than 40 countries in the third year of operation.

But our business exists on the foundation of the trust and loyalty of our customers. Therefore, the quality of the support service is what we care about.

Initially, we contacted our clients exclusively by e-mail, while the functions of the helpdesk system were partly performed by our internal ERP system. It was the wrong choice - the resolution time for customer problems increased on average to 4-5 days instead of 6 hours required. We started the project and invited the OAPPS team, who had a track record of successful projects in our industry.

The result of the team's work is an ambitious project of an Omni-channel Intelligent Customer Support System based on products from Zendesk and partners. We created and connected to Zendesk Support our accounts in social media Instagram, Facebook, integrated communication channels with clients in WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. In addition, OAPPS Classifier (AI-based automatic system for classifying and routing customer requests) was implemented as a core job dispatcher. Help Centers created for clients in 7 languages ​​allowed to optimize the workload on Call Centers. OAPPS's Explorer-based BI analytics solution made it possible to tune the support processes in real-time. Field managers were able to use an OAPPS-developed mobile app that was integrated with Zendesk Support and back-end systems.

The OAPPS team fully coped with the tasks of the project.

Here are just a few metrics: 40 times (from 100 to 2.5 hours) reduced the average Resolution Time to solve a client's problem; The Response Time to a call has been reduced from 2 hours to 5 minutes on average; CSAT improved immediately by 18% and continues to grow.
The created system flexibly covers all the needs of our rapidly growing global business»