Proprietary Software

High-performance, AI-powered application tailored for specific customer needs

How do we work on your task?

We try to do it easy and faster with exciting results because we respect customer’s time and money
We use only solutions proved by real customer’s experience with 20 applications, in 1100+ projects, across the 21 countries
We bring to the project our 10 years experience in data processing, machine learning, business processes automation, and quality management
We ensure the best TCO and ROI in your project for the industry

Why the custom software development is the better way (sometimes)?

When your current helpdesk covers a major part of functionality required but something important is absent

Your staff like current system for usability and performance but key business future like integration with Instagram or WhatsApp is not exists

You need to significantly cut costs and grow up the productivity of the Customer Support so AI technology can help you without expensive migration to the newest system

What are we doing usually in development project?

Business and Technical requirements agreement, time schedule planning

Software development and implementation, including 2 stage testing and final acceptance test

Documentation development

Handover webinar for admin and support team
Alex Yeltsoff
Project Office Director
«When we faced customer requests for our Cloud Call Center and Zendesk integration, we decided to involve into the project our partner OAPPS and it was the right decision based on deep OAPPS experience both in Zendesk API and specialized software development. They have a well-skilled team of developers and consulters, so our joint team started the project immediately. The project scope included full-scale integration of Zendesk Support and Zendesk Sell with Cloud Call Center: incoming and outcoming calls in Support and Sell interfaces, voice ticket creation linked with client record and voice recording and logging, etc. Now we were able to offer our cloud contact center to Zendesk customers»
Anton Mechnovski
«Oapps team did a great job in our project - Zendesk implementation and following integration with our internal Naumen Service Desk” - Anton said.  “They developed a software application which automized transparent tickets routing through two systems - Zendesk and Naumen, established real-time data synchronization between two systems and single data warehouse. Now our agents and engineers are working in Zendesk Support and Naumen Service Desk like in a unified and seamless business process. As result, we achieved up to 10% of cost reduction due to the agent’s worktime saving and CSAT increased by 19% due to significant Resolution Time improving…»