Attract the most active clients for your business - connect with Instagram right now!
Simply receive and reply to all direct messages from multiple Instagram accounts

Key features

Respond to usual direct messages

Get video files and image

Connect multiple Instagram accounts

Links to user's Instagram profiles in Zendesk
Respond to messages received from stories

See what messages your client like

Add tags to connected Instagram accounts

Support group chats and threaded conversations
Unleash the full helpdesk power - use macros, triggers, and ticket assignments the same way you used to work with e-mails

Increase dramatically the loyal client base and convert it into sales and profit growth

Instagramer DM

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Customer feedback

«We’ve been able to roll every customer touchpoint into one view, one story,” Alice said. “now We use Instagram, email and webchat so It’s a huge win not to have several agents working on different channels on the same customer request»
Alice Miller
Customer Support Manager
«The app is great! Expectations have been surpassed! We combined our sales and support process at one on the Instagram marketplace so now we can support the client during the sell and to sell during the support. Fantastic impact on the business growth and customer loyalty»
Ivar Berg
Sales Manager